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Hello there.

I'd like to present my suggestion regarding rulership as the title says. More specifically it's about interactions with AI lords.

I'm missing some changes mostly in dialogues. Once you become a ruler other AI lords (especially those in your kingdom) should refer to you as a ruler.
Example: You see a bunch of your lords fight some enemy parties and then you join the battle. Once you'll win the battle, they will ask your name and say thanks.

Do you see the problem? How is it possible that your own AI lords don't know their ruler?? It's just a detail, but it seems like a joke after which you would laugh and then chopped their head off afterwards.

There's more of it, so I will put it in short:

1) Make NPCs refer to you as a ruler once you become one (at least people in your kingdom and MAYBE other rulers, for others once you introduce yourself).
2) There should be a possibility to claim your own title as a ruler with which they would refer to you.
3) Possiblity to change the banner of an existing kingdom where you are the ruler. Just like when you create your own kingdom.

There might be more to add, but this is what I miss the most so far. If somebody has any other suggestions related to rulership, feel free to share.
Thank you.
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