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Lusitani 5th Empire

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Rocks bounce off too much when they hit something, this breaks the immersion and since rocks deliver so much damage the visuals should represent a good impact, now it looks like a rubber toy.
This was a issue a long time ago, I hope it gets fixed.
Why are the rocks still bouncing like rubber? Also you still have a lot of problems with lightning and particles working together.
It always bugged me how chain-mail links look stretched to fill the texture. You can also see a lot of seams. There are also parts that don't make much sense. I wish you guys fixed those.

Good luck on finishing the game. It was a nice blog nonetheless
Also, I mentioned in a previous post, and as this 2018 post says, textures keep stretching both in static and moving objects.
For example, some mountains in the world map and armor in characters.
As reference, something like this:


This might help identifying the problem:

"Another goal I have seen many other people do is to reshape the UV map into a rectangular or square shape by moving ALL the border points. This is a very good way to utilise the available texture resolution so you will get the maximum visible detail from your texture appearing on the 3D model, but I personally find that it distorts the shape too much and you get texture stretching which blurs the texture too much for my liking. Basically, the more UV points you force to be in a location they aren't really supposed to be, the more texture stretching you will probably experience."
"UVs. Love them or hate them, they are necessary if you want textures not to stretch and show up where you need them. Many consider them to be a pain, yet there are some straightforward ways to unwrap UVs without a lot of trouble. In Cinema 4D, the Relax UV command can be your best friend."


Lusitani 5th Empire

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Sorry, I don't have the game installed, perhaps @Terco_Viejo can help me here. 🤷‍♂️:lol:
But I think the images and links that I posted are enough to identify the problem. Basically, textures stretch under some circumstances, in animations and I have seen it in the world map as well, for example in mountains (as the example above).
As for rocks bouncing it's also very obvious when you get hit with rocks (test getting hit from different angles).


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As for the models, the problem lies in the fact that there are exaggerated animations that cause mesh texture deformation due to unconditioned skinning and weight painting.

This video belongs to this thread, where I talked about this kind of problems.

In the left part (Native) you can see that the deformation is much more noticeable than in the right part (suggestion) because the swing arc has been reduced.

I hope this is proof enough @Lusitani 5th Empire :xf-wink:.

Lusitani 5th Empire

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Hello, i have forwarded the video to the devs. Thank you for taking the time.
The video without the context here isn't much help, the video shows more or less the problem but what I talked about is more general (it happens in other cases). That specif video only refers to "rubber waist effect" which is supposedly being addressed, and fixing that may or may not fix the more general texture stretching. Also I talked about the issue of "rubber rocks"...

If you could link them directly this thread would be better, all the links that I posted are just to help identify the problem if they want to quickly take a look at similar cases in other games and not to make them read all of it.


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Hi, i have shared both the video and the thread with the devs and this turns out to be more than just a cosmetic issue. As far as i can tell this issue is linked with animation, thus combat and game balance. So we can not really change it at the moment. We can look into the cosmetic side of the problem. If you encounter other armors that stretch like this one or even more, please share their names with us and we can add them to the list.


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The problem is related to animation, not cosmetics. So i think if there will be a fix, it won't be just a visual improvement.
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