Other Skirmish Completed [RST] Resolute Skirmish Tournament #1 , for russian teams (2 foreigners per team allowed)

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Dear friends,
The Resolute clan invites all russian speaking players to take part in RST skirmish tournament with money prizes, and without class limits.
My great apologies for all foreign clans, but anyway we will meet in Beast tournament soon. And of course you can join RST tourney with mixed team from different clans (or from one clan), so that each player can speak and understand russian, no matter which country they live in. Added: two foreign players allowed for any team.
Please don't be mad for us for this, let's look at it as qualifying games of players to future russian Nations Cup team.
Applications will be accepted until September 20 inclusive.

Tournament rules
The rules of tournament written here - click

Prize fund of the tourney
Winner - 12000 roubles
2nd place - 6000 roubles
3rd place - 3000 roubles

If you want to become tournament sponsor, contact Grellenort.

Example of team application
you can post your application here, we can join later to your discord to speak russian with each player from team application.
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We decided to allow 2 foreign players for each team.
Tomorrow is the last day for team applications.

P. S. right now we already have 9 teams for tournament.


Knight at Arms
The tournament started, we have 10 teams, check the first week matches schedule.
Deadline for first battles - 28th September 2020.
Contact the team you need to play (check schedule), and post screenshots after battle.
RST 23.09.2020:
Black Team 1 [BT] vs [Das] Dasein - 2:6 (defeat)


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