Royal Rat Rumble - NA Scramble Draft League

A tournament for primarily the NA community to have its own scramble league. Everyone is welcome!

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Suggestion: Just make me a ****ing admin so I can make the week 1 thread myself and post the screenshots


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Idk why you guys are surprised that this is abandonned. It’s a tourney on a bad game AND Roberta hosted it, there is no way it could have worked. I was betting on the tourney dying week 2 like all Roberta scramble leagues but this is even better. The good this is we won’t have to play this at all.
Truly a great and profound sadness this tournament has been to behold! It appears that the main entertainment of this tournament was the pseudo-slave auction held by the captains and streamed by that whippersnapper "Rhine" fellow.... It is a grim state of affairs for this fledgling tournament, as it could not have unfolded in a manner more dire if agents of sabotage had worked their wiles upon it. Sad!
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