Rome at War: The Team+Credits

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The Team

Ex Team

  • - Gokiller - Coding/Mapping
    - Karantukki - Texturing/Modeling/Mapping/Graphics
    - Talii - Research/Advice
    - Jarvisimo - Modeler/texturer

If you wish to help us out in a way like... Researching, Texturing, Mapping, Modeling, scripting/coding.
Than please contact us! Any help is more than welcome, and it gets progress going much faster!

- Credits
- Rallix - for helping with the stats
- Alxcruel - for the Slinger
- Papa Lazarou -> Several animations from the Combat animation Enhancement and Community Animations Pack
- Sahran -> Two Spear Attack Pack, historical sources, and some suggestions
- Deras -> Sarissa's two handed attack
- Ficus -> Roman Pack
- leadrojas_ -> [Map] FROM BRITAIN TO INDIA!
-Xenoargh -> Some scripts from Blood & Steel and tree models
-SendmeSmile -> Flora Enhancement mod
-Caba'Drin -> Pre battle orders and deployment mod
-Motomataru -> Formations mod
-Whaiti and Zparsifal -> Diplomacy
-Leandrojas_ -> Europe World map
-Havoc -> Havocafied Bows
-cmpxchg8b -> WSE
-mtarini -> OpenBRF
- cifre -> for a taunt animation
- Regenorst ->for sounds and music
- Hunt mod Team -> for The server animation and sound sync
- Almansur -> for icons
- Geranigus -> for four of his maps
- Tempered -> for his drowning script
- Rubik -> for some codes from Custom Commander kit
- WildFire Games, Omri Lahav, Boris Hansen, Maggie Li -> for music from the game 0 A.D.
- Taragoth and team -> for Freelancer kit
- Arch3r -> for the multiplayer weather
- Aeon -> for the SoundRounding mod's sounds
- Adorno -> for some sounds from the Natural Sounds pack
- Hayalperest -> for his props pack
- Vornne -> for the Admin tools
- Motomataru -> for the formations script
- Sonkidd -> for the Guarantee weapons script
- Marcel -> For his texture overlays.
- Narf-> Texture overlays
- Psiphoon for the OSP animations pack
- the Brytenwalda team (especially Dejawolf and Brustwarzenlenny) for some resources
- Gutekfiutek for Polished Landscaped and Polished Buildings
- FantasyWarrior for his outer terrain resources
- JankoSRB for Gallic Village (until V. 2.4) and Gallic Forest Fort scenes.
- Somebody for the Academy kit (modified)
- Daedalus/Slawomir for the tavern animation pack (modified)
- jacobhinds for the female robes and animation variety pack (modified)
- DrThomas for the body sliding code (with modifications from WindyPlains)
- TLD team for the flora shader
- ShaunRemo for the skyboxes
- DarthMongolTheUnwise for the Iberian models
- Crusader Way to Expiation team for some of the tree models
- Igorbb for some of the bow models
- Gotha for his Adimi tools

Special thanks:
The Athenai clan, principally KickingJoub, Jepekula and Phalanx for all the testing and feedback.
The good folks from the forge for all the help provided.

- Alexander (2004) movie prop makers - for design things (most the items for Greeks and Macedon was more or less based on reconstructions of this movie props ) as much I could I am trying to get now original references (not just reconstructions)

- matmohair1 for his reference pictures

- EFREM for all his support, references, historical advice and discussions to improve the historical accuracy of the mod.

If I forgot someone please tell me, and the name will be added to the list :wink:

Rome at War Dev team.
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