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Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

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Banjonaut said:
Just realised Pyrrhus seems to have an aversion to clothes  :lol:
Not seen any other naked lords, not been looking long though, and Pyrrhus seems to have a linothorax in his inventory... just not in game...

Edit: It would seem that the armour now requires 20 STR and he only has 19

Aaaaand again: Valos Lugurix also lacks armour, I assume it's the same issue with stats

So is the Consul of Rome, IIRC. There also seems to be a problem with shieldless lords, due to a lack of shield skill (Brennus is an example).
Germanic Celt said:
Another thing I noticed is that a lot of Lords are spawning without armor or a shield. The reason for the armor issue is probably because they aren't strong enough to wear it, so it just goes in their inventory. The reason for the shield is because they don't have enough shield skill to use it. Either way, this makes talking to the consul of Rome very awkward.
That's disappointing, I enjoyed found it amusing to watch Valos Lugurix run into battle shieldless and armourless, the ultimate Gaesatae.
Anyway, that's good. Sounds like a good patch, then. I might as well report this again, it's been bothering me for a while still:

It happens rarely when I'm in battle scenes, occurring only in certain areas. However, it occurs much more often in town scenes (most commonly Italic towns). I know you said you only got this glitch once, which is unfortunate. I downloaded it again after I discovered it, but it didn't help much. I have a feeling it occurs more commonly in weaker PCs. However, leaving the town and waiting for some time, then reloading the scene does usually work.


hmm similar gliches have happened before with the armors when one rigged vertex had 2 same name bones with different values

but what affects scenes i have no idea at the moment


Many compliments team the mod is great but there's a thing that I fail to understand, is the enviroment work in progress or finished? I know it's based on the polished landscape mod but now it looks like the season is always autumn or winter and it hardly rapresent the climate of the medierranean area.
AFAIK they haven't made their own map yet, but I agree. When (or if) a new map is made, it'd be nice to see the Mediterranean regions looking brighter and making places like the British isles looking more grim.


well we havent touched many things yet
flora is one of thems

i just did some optimizations on the trees cause they were big FPS drainers
Thanks but well... neither? All we changed so far are the collision meshes for some unoptimized/broken models of PL. Environment wise I had in mind having different/flora and landscape based on the relative position of the player in the world map, in theory it should be fairly simple, I'd have to create dummy invisible parties alike to the bandit spawns and run distance and terrain checks. For example an invisible party in the middle of Italy labelled as italy_env, before a battle one checks for the distance to that party and the current terrain the player is standing on and then you'll be fighting in a custom scene looking Italian-ish. This way one should be able to increase flora diversity and make it fitting to the location at the expense of long hours of modeling and scening, IRC with the new operations one should be able to overwrite materials/textures in a scene so it should be possible to set different terrain textures (?) for more diversity and control over how things look but I have yet to play around with all the new operations. While Rgcotl shouldn't have much trouble modeling trees and bushes except maybe boredom for not being a landscaping enthusiast I also doubt we'd be starting it soon with all the everything that needs attention  :lol:
Maybe if I started modeling too I'd start being useful in some ~5 years or so.


I found a bit of an exploit. With the new upgrade system all you need is a lot of money, your own or another town or castle belonging to your faction, and you can upgrade all of your units to top status. Mind you it is quite expensive to maintain them.


Grandmaster Knight
Dan11311 said:
I found a bit of an exploit. With the new upgrade system all you need is a lot of money, your own or another town or castle belonging to your faction, and you can upgrade all of your units to top status. Mind you it is quite expensive to maintain them.

That is literally what you're supposed to be able to do...
There's just some bug to fix with the retraining numbers, for some reason towns jump from the few dozens range it should have to the thousands while it was meant to be rather limited.


Drowning is also buggy. People die at the same time sometimes and it annoys me :grin: Especially when I'm on dry ground
Loot them  :twisted:
Currently there is only a threshold of ~1200 troops for towns and ~500 for castles which scales up with the player level, a fief will cease to receive reinforcements once it reaches the threshold. If it's really necessary and doesn't require rewriting much stuff I could do so that the player can kindly tell the village to stop sending troops to is fief. I had made it that way so the unit pools get changed from time to time without the intervention of the player's recruitment and I hoped to expand it so the lords will take troops from the village too.
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