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The atmposphere on this map when raining + night was cool. If only lightning could be implemented  :eek:

Speaking of atmosphere, the new flora (and background image with the mountains) really brings the maps to life. :razz: Compliments to the chef.


The Mushroom Kingdom

The Client State

Random Skirmish

The new Keltoi equipment are also quite impressive, looking forward to rgcotl's next batch of goodies. :cool:
Looking at that video, I like how filthy pleb automatically made you a Celt. :fruity:

I imagine changing the culture for that start isn't available yet.
I didn't want to be accused of favoritism  :lol:
The starting options still need to be fleshed out, well pretty much everything... Thanks for the video fladin!

excellent work guys, thank you! now i get to have at least the education i always wanted.
to persuade knowledge, to research, to aknowledge science, to learn mathematics
in the great spartan university of something called "agoge",
they told me that they have great techears like archilochos "the butcher",
or timon "The raper". i'm not sure tho about the name, i think it was in sparta,
but maybe they said athens, i'm not so sure now that i think of it...
Don't think these have been posted here on the forum:

Some pretty neat showcases of single player, made by a cool guy that I know from Naval Action (he used to make historically inspired newspapers and maps, etc.).
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