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It is the year 300 B.C. Italy is preparing for war as the Samnites and Gauls prepare themselves for a titanic clash against the burgeoning and expanding power of Rome. the proud and warlike Samnite have began to notice the conquests Rome made and they have united with other Italians and Gauls to crush the Romans and prevent their ruthless attempts at power . Meanwhile, in the ancient homeland of philosophers and heroes, the Macedonian Basileus, Kassandros, turns his eyes to Italy. In this war, you will decide the fate of nations and kings as you fight for the glory of the gods.

These are the current "features" included in the mod.

- 9 Historically accurate factions, Romani (Romans), Keltoi (Gauls), Koinon Hellenon (Greek League), Makedonia (Macedonians), Samnium (Samnites), Megálê Hellás (Greek colonies of south Italy), Syrakousai (Greek colonies of Sicily), Epeiros (Epirus, between Illyria and Greece), Rasenna (Etruscans)
- unknown number of Custom Maps
- Dozens of ancient Weapons/armors/shields
- New animations
- Custom Banners
- Custom options (Extra encumbrance, limit classes)
- Early stage Singleplayer+ many more small gameplay changes
- New man skin
- New horses

RaW 2.6 02/02/2020 Update Changelog:

- Fixed terrain generation resulting in ridiculous battle scenes in mountainous regions
- Overhaul of the recruitment system script, now villages won't run out of troops all at the same time and reduced the performance impact of the script
- Fixed missing troops in custom battles
- Updated the barracks to display only troops that can be upgraded
- Added several troops to be upgraded through the barracks system
- Added 7 more companions
- Added more ransom brokers to taverns
- Replaced all the banners
- Updated starting options and tweaked early game progression (Warriors start with troops as advertised and bandit parties have less troops at the start)
- Reduced garrison and lord party sizes
- Fixed player kingdom using the wrong troops for their patrols, caravans, etc...
- Fixed some village assignments
- Fixed prisons not having an exit
- Fixed several spots on the map where parties got stuck
- Updated some npc families


Version Rome at War 2.6 Mirrors - Full version no earlier version required
Moddb - Moddb Hotfix
Steam Workshop
Google Drive

Low Resolution Texture Pack (7z file)

Hellenic UI mod: (zip file)
Made by KickingJoub

Rome at War: Revived Edition
Submod by Charles de Tonkin for RaW 2.6 Beta

Source Code: GitHub
Terms and Conditions: You are free to use and modify the mod (Rome at War) code as you wish, just be kind enough to credit the author(s) of the code you'll be using. As long as the mod is being developed you do not have the right to use, modify or re-release the models, textures, scenes or music of the mod in other projects, unless granted permission by a member of the team (Rgcotl or Seek n Destroy). You are free to modify the mod for personal use and you may create and release sub-mods so long as they require Rome at War as a base, with any additional resources you may add. The Rome at War team takes no responsibility of sub-mods. If the team makes an announcement stating they are no longer developing the mod you can consider the previous requirements null, just credit the authors of the resources you'll be using and don't use them for financial gain. This way nothing goes to waste and the team still gets some credit for their work.
Tl;dr: The code of Rome at War is free to use with proper credits. The resources (models, textures, scenes, music etc.) may be used for sub-mods (with additional legal content properly credited) that require Rome at War as a base. In cases of ambiguity, the full text shall prevail.

Good luck, and have fun playing!
Any questions? Just post them!

Rome at War Dev team.
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Old versions logs

Rome at War 2.6 (Beta) Changelog:

- New Campaign map (Work in Progress)
- New Flora
- New Scenes
- Changes to character creation (Work in Progress)
- All the locations were revised, new towns/castles/villages with more authentic names for the period
- Significant overhaul of the troops stats, names and equipment
- Complete overhaul of the Celtic faction
- Rebalanced Army compositions
- New NPC lords, ladies and companions (Work in Progress)
- New bandit parties roaming around
- Fixed some of the most prominent bugs from version 2.5:
* Fixed player faction only recruiting Roman troops
* Fixed lords that changed factions acquiring the wrong titles
* Fixed the encumbrance system
* Fixed some of the error messages caused by missing features
* Fixed left swing animation being hard to land
* Fixed Etruscan economy collapsing after a few ingame weeks
Rome at War 2.5 Changelog
# Multiplayer
New Faction:
- Rasenna (Etruscans)
Animation/mechanics Changes:
- New run and idle animations
- Added some taunt animations
- New shield animation
- Tweaked attack animations
- All factions equipments revised
- All item stats and prices revised

# Singleplayer
New Faction:
- Rasenna (Etruscans)
Troop changes:
- Almost all of the mod's troops received new equipment and some tweaks
- Dozens of new units
- New town walkers (Repressed medieval peasants removed)
- Slightly randomized equipment on start
- Fixed some AoR troops not showing up
- Dozens of small fixes and tweaks
- Almost all medieval scenes removed in favor of generic scenes.
- Revised army and recruitment compositions
- Some units can be upgraded via barracks in a town/castle of your faction
- Some bugs removed
- New items for all factions
- New bugs and glitches for you to find
Rome at War 2.4 Changelog
# Multiplayer
New Factions:
- Megálê Hellás (Greek colonies of south Italy)
- Basileion Syrakosion (Greek colonies of Sicily)
- Epeiros (Epirus, between Illyria and Greece)
Animation/mechanics Changes:
- Some idle and death animations added (death animations made by psyphoon)
- Added some taunt animations
- Fixed spear dropping when shield sheathed or broken
Scene changes:
Most of the scenes have been reworked and a couple of new scenes added

# Singleplayer
- Complete overhaul of troops
- Dozens of new units
- A good amount of locations have been added
- Some changes to starting options (text and equipment changed)
- New recruitment system, villages have pool of troops and you choose whom to hire, there are regional troops as well as some troops unlock-able when conquering regions (the mechanics for the latest are still limited, only Rome unlocks legions when conquering territory)
- Dozens of small fixes and tweaks
- Reworked appearance of most Npcs (There should be no more peasants with medieval dresses)
- New scenes
- Custom compositions for lord armies
- Samnite faction translated to Oscan, now renamed to Safinim
- Some new map icons
- Some bugs removed

# Misc
- Dozens of new items ranging from horses to shields, armors, weapons, etc... All factions received something
- New headgear/hair for character creation
- Some bugs added
Changelog (RaW 2.33):

<<< # Multiplayer
# Class Changes
- Two new classes for Celts, Rix (king) and Ariomaros (great noble)
- Bannerman class for Samnium
- Equipments and some stats revised
# Scene changes
- Two new scenes, Phocian Walls and Gallic Mounds
# Animation/mechanics Changes
- Animations no longer prevent movement (E.g. playing the carnyx, warcrying...)
- Testudo animation should be functional to a certain extent due to game limitations.
# Misc
- Helmet. Too many helmets(over 70 with variations).
- Lots of new equipment
- New/edited banners
- Removed bugs
- Added bugs

# Singleplayer
- Changed some scenes
- New locations and completely changed Celtic parties locations on the map
- Complete overhaul of troops (equipment, upgrades and stats)
- Foraging skill by Jrider
- Siege camps by Lav
- Slight fixes to starting options (text mostly)
- Fixed unique armies and garrissons
- Local troops (Syracuse only for now)
Rome at War 2.3 Changelog
# Multiplayer
New Faction:
- Samnites
Class Changes:
- The Greek Hoplitai Haploi replaced by the Ekdromoi
- Bellator class for Rome
- Epilektos Hoplitès class for Greeks
# Scene changes
- A new scene, Roman Alpine Fort
- Some fixes and tweaks to other scenes
# Animation/mechanics Changes
- Crouching
- New overhead anim, thanks to Cifre
- Gallic Carnyx with healing effect
# Misc
- Troops and item stat tweaks
- New Items for other factions (new greek hoplons and a new gallic sword)
- New/edited banners

# Singleplayer
- Samnites added
- New mercs
- Campaign tweaks (early ones, tweaks will be more meaningful and important when I get the time to finish them)
Rome at War 2.21 Changelog
# Multiplayer
- Made fog optional (to prevent server joining bugs)
- Less arrows for archers
- Some tweaks (that should prevent weird textures on javelins stuck on shields)
- Tweaked air friction on arrows and new bow sounds
- Fixed spears staying on ground bug
- new skyboxes
# Singleplayer
- Higher Morale
- New Mercs
Rome at War 2.2 Changelog

# Multiplayer
- Reworked classes and stats
- New scenes
- Extra encumbrance feature, you will be noticeably slower depending on the armor you wear (unlike native encumbrance which effects are limited)
- Admin tools
- Item slots that will limit the equipmet you can use (meant to prevent double shielding and javelin abuse)
- New lods for armors and smaller textures to optimize framerate
- New banners
- New music
- Drowning
- A script that prevents players from sheating spears
- taunt (B key)
- More damage dealt on back

# Bugs fixed:
- Fixed some incorrect weapon lenghts
- Rebalanced javelins
- Fixed clipping issues
- Troop limiter now working
- Fixed siege mode scenes not displaying
- Scene spawns fixed
- in the bugs fixed list

# Singleplayer
-Removed WSE
-New starting options
-Customized Garrisons and armies
-Reworked troops and new mercenaries
-Regional Mercenaries
-Guaranteed weapons for troops (hoplites fight with both sword and spear and principes always spawn with pilums)
-Assigned banners to lords
-New icons
-Higher income and morale
-Lowered lord defecting chance

# Known bug
Weather needs a restart in order to work properly, you may have dense fog upon joining a server, disconnecting and reconnecting usually works.
If it doesn't, a server map change will certainly work.
Short changelog of RAW 2.1:
- Fixed some stats
- Custom battles
- Two new scenes from JankoSRB
- Updated Kickingjoub's map
- Fixed troop limiter
- New Flora textures
- New Field Banners
- New Items and scabbards
- 3 New Troops ( Gallic standard bearer, Greek standard bearer, Lochagos )
- New walls scene props for sceners

- Alpha State Singleplayer, due to the early release of this version I didn't had much time to complete it so be gentle with it. It is playable but far from completed.
Additional notes:
- Singleplayer works with WSE (Warband Script Enhancer distributed in the mod files). WSE is compatible only with 1.153 version of Warband.
For best gameplay experience allow AI Formations in the mod options -> PBOD Options
Contact Seek n Destroy for additional info.

Q: How to launch the mod with WSE?
A: In the mod files typically:
.../WARBAND/Modules/Rome at War 2.1/WSE
Select the WSE Folder, left click WSE.exe and create a shortcut in your desktop for easier access. Launch the mod with this launcher to play singleplayer.
Short changelog of RAW 2.0.2:
- Bug fixes
- New items
- Reworked items
- Reworked some stats
- Shield bash is off
- New maps

Long Changelog:
Following bugs corrected:
- Invisible spear
- Clipping errors
- Incorrect attacks of a spear

Items rebalanced:
- Javelins are a bit stronger
- Javelins deal bonus damage against shields
- Sarissas can crush through blocks
- Pilums can't be picked from the ground when thrown

New troops
- Makedonian Sčmaphoros (standard bearer)

New Items:
- 2 new Sarissa for macedon
- 1 pugio, 1 espasa, 2 new pilum models and a new hasta model for Rome (new models replace previous ones)
- 5 new Hoplons from Jarvisimo
- 1 new standard for macedon

Reworked Items:
- All the romans armors were reworked to have new leg models, keeping a lower polycount.

9 new maps:
- Small Roman Town
- Temple Ambush (kickingJoub)
- Bazaar
- Frozen Steppes
- The Island
- River Delta
- Eastern Town
- The Road
- Battle of the Mounds
Rome at War Version II Changelog:
- Completely re-done factions
- Rebalanced Items
- A new faction, Makedonia
- 34 classes to choose
- Dozens of new armors, helmets, boots and weapons
- Shield Bash
- Overswing attack for spears
- Two handed attack for sarissas
- Changed archery animation

Changelog 1.1
-Added 4 new swords to the Hellenic States
- Added 3 Helmets to the Hellenic States
- Fixes that other classes than Cavalry could mounth horses
- Some small adjustings to the armours
- Lowered Hitpoints shields even more
- Fix some spelling mistakes
- former Velite class is now renamed to Auxilia
- Removed Segmentated Armour & Legionnairy Helmet from the Auxilia class
- Javelins added to tje Auxilia class.
- Character at the "character menu" has now some armour instead of being naked.
- Roman Imperial Empire name has been changed to Roman Empire
- Adjusted the prices a bit,
- Adjusted overall weapon stats.
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Rome at War Dev team.
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