Rolf not returning to party [Spoilers]

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Hi, I have a question about the main quest, which may or may not be a bug.

In my game Rolf went and rescued Melva from the prison. Everyting went great. After a little while he returned to the party stating that he was back and had brought Melva with him. Melva joined my party but Rolf is still nowhere to be seen :sad: Is this supposed to happen? Am I going to get Rolf back some time later? (I have won the National Tournament, and is currently hunting Dark Knights and Sea Raiders in hope of them leading me to their ship building) I was hoping someone could help me with this. If Rolf is supposed to join the party when he returns with Melva, how may I then get him to join? I have tried talking to travellers, but I don't get the option to ask where Rolf is located.
Yep, Like I said I did the whole rescue of Melva, and then a bit later Rolf returned saying that he was back and Melva joined us. Then in my party I only have Melva, not Rolf.


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Lol the name of my character changed to Rolf! so now i have 2 Rolf

ROFL  :p

i edited the file the name is back to normal. :smile:
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