Roleplaying Server for Mount and Blade Warband on Native!

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This is a realistic, hardcore roleplaying server, where you can play as anyone in a high medieval setting, although predominately as nobles and vassals leading or serving the patchwork of realms, with a variety of cultures and religions.

It is a tightly close knit community, with a strong importance on dynamic characters that fit with the settings and cultures of this server. The universe of the role play, while fictional, is heavily based off Europe from primarily the 13th century.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to join the group and contact me on steam!

Before you ask, yes I know about Persistent World and Persistent Kingdoms. However they simply don't work for this unique style of this roleplay, which is more political and widespread than a single map. This is a small but close-knit and welcoming community, and I have been owner of this server for years.