In Progress Roguery Skill Ups (primarily from Bandit troops)

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No, I didn't use any mods.

Lag R Aus

Summary: Roguery skill, how to learn: Raid Caravans (not checked). Recruit and lead bandit troops (continued below). Infiltrate enemy towns (not had rogue skill worth trying). Give bribes (bribing access to keep = gain, not tested settlement entry for need more weapons). Escape from captivity (not been captured, not sure if this will raise Roguery but I tried to free someone but died - think I needed better skills and gear).

Converted Bandit prisoner to Troops = gain roguery xp & level
Ransom Prisoners (any) = gain roguery xp & level
Promote lead Bandit troops (eg Brigand to Highwayman, pre-promotion game save available) = no roguery xp gain
Recruit Bandits from map interaction dialog (transfer Bandit troops into Party) = no roguery xp gain (21 looters with zero change)
Leading bandit troops overtime (19 bandits currently in party. Completed days with battles, travel, waiting) = no roguery xp gain seen (other than indicated above)

How to Reproduce: Regularly monitor skill xp value, check values before and after expected trigger events.
Have you used cheats and if so which: No
Scene Name (if related): NA
Media (Screenshots & Video): Brigand to Highwayman, pre-promotion game save available
Computer Specs: NA

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

Lag R Aus

Just tested bribing the guard to let me in, with weapons, for Gang Leader Needs Weapons. No Roguery change for successful bribe.


Hello! I have done some tests on version of the game I was currently playing, which is beta e1.6.5. Here are results of these tests:
Attacking villagers party - does not give xp,
Defeating villagers party - gives xp,
Robbing villagers party - gives xp,
Attacking caravan - does not give xp,
Defeating caravan - gives xp,
Robbing caravan - I was not able to test it, because every caravan wanted to fight when I tried to rob them,
Forcing villagers in the village to give you recruits - does not give xp,
Forcing villagers in the village to give you supplies - gives xp,
Raiding a village - gives xp,
Leading bandit troops - gives xp every day, but you need to have party morale at 70 or higher.

I hope it helps. Have a nice day!


Hello! I have an update:

- Robbing caravan - gives xp,
- Leading bandit troops - starts giving xp every day when you reach 70 morale and after that when morale gets even higher your xp gains get higher too,
- Bribing to enter the keep - gives xp, but have some kind of cooldown. If you bribe first time in a long time it will give you xp, but if you go to another city right away and bribe again, it will not give you xp.

And it is quite an update. I have measured exact xp gains in game for all these actions related to roguery skill, and after that I have done some math with these newly acquired numbers. The results have shown it is realistically impossible to level up roguery skill to very high values and because of this, some balancing needs to be done.

I think I will create a new thread for that. Or should I post it here?
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