Roguery not being gained from converting bandit prisoners and leading them

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I've tested this in both the beta and the public version of the game. You gain roguery from raiding villages, I'm unconfirmed on whether raiding caravans gives your roguery, but I know for certain that roguery is gained from ransoming prisoners and not gained from recruiting your bandit prisoners or by continuing to have them in your party. It limits the option to control a horde of bandits and slowly become this outlaw of the land, recruiting bandits and eventually via the 250 roguery talent. Being able to assemble a horde of cravens and cut-throats.

My original idea was to use the bandits as an auxiliary and meat shield for my actual army. But as it stands with the infantry groups not sticking, and skirmishing groups spawning behind the enemy. It makes a lot of the roleplaying very difficult.


Explains a lot. I do a bandit playthrough right now, and despite playing for 4 years and having an army of more than a hundred bandits by now my roguery skill is crap. Sadly I didn't watch my progress after the dozens of caravan raids, I will check this with the next one I can catch up with.
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