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rogue type playthroughs

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i have couple of ideas to add to the game most of them are part of the early mid-game that people argue that it gets mediocre after couple of new starts

the first idea is related to the rogue skill, right now there is not much to it so that it is not worth upgrading but if there was a perk that allow you to assassinate other lords then the trait would be awesome.
assassination would be you sneaking into the keep after entering the city (like sneaking into enemy towns in warband ) then according to your skill level you fight the enemy lord with or without his personal guards. and it was a real thing (there is a real order named hashashin order that assassinated the hell out of the middle eastern and crusader kingdoms) and if your roguery level is high enough then you may be undetected after the operation so you wont affect your relationship with the targeted clan.

the second idea is also rogue related, it is by far my personal favorite , harassing the enemy armies, if an army bigger than 250 man is formed then it should rest from midnight till early morning in an encampment (similar to those in total war Rome 2) where they could heal, train, or even send people to fetch supplies from the nearby villages and during their rest you with your much smaller band, or any lord for the matter could deal some damage by launching to forms of raids :
- the first type of raid is a sneaky mission you guessed right, infiltration where you have to lead no more than 10 men into the encampment and spoil/steal some resources (food/horses/equipment) without the enemy patrols spotting you if they spot you then you have to fight your way out and you get captured if you lose the fight against the patrolling force (the patrols should be a fraction of the army and is scattered along the encampment (ranged on the wooden towers, infantry near each of the gates, and cavalry marching between the gates)
- the second is raiding where you use your units to attack the encampment and chop away some troops, your advantage would be that you are only fighting fraction of the enemy army (the patrols initially) and they will only react to your attack (they will not pro act against you before they spot your units or one of their units is killed) while to their advantage they have the encampment defensive positions (wooden walls, archers on mini towers infantry near the gates and even cavalry sallying in and out the encampment, your typical encampment stuff) and after a certain period more units of the army will engage you (at first its only the patrols and the men on towers then after a duration more units will join the fight) so the player or the lord may be obliged to end his skirmish before having to face a much bigger army.
note the harassed army will have marching penalty in the next morning, but also a moral advantage if they won the skirmish (killed units more than they lost)

my final idea is (as you might guessed) also rogue related :smile: basically revamping the whole gang stuff and allowing you to become a bandit lord (using the hideouts as your castle where you can recruit bandit units(it would be awesome if the bandit troop tree be upgraded and add some bandit lords that can offer you quests etc..), send raiding parties and command the gangs loyal to you in cities in order to disturb the economy in the enemy cities ) also if you want to take out the hideout then you have two options to do so
the hideout could be a mini-siege in day attacks (keep the scattered bandits outside but the mini-boss and his bulk would be in the wooden walls) so that the early mid game player can experience baby sieges with his small army while the night attack would be as it is currently.
what do you think about such ideas, can any of those ideas find its way into the game ?
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