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I have recently tried to roleplay a little bit of a rogue playthrough. The end game however becomes a typical 'castle/town mgmt./constant war/ bl experience' and lost the rogue flavor from the early game (hit 'n run on villages, robbing caravans, ambushing lords, etc.) Then I realized I am no longer a rogue, an outlaw, I am just a feudal lord again who does not want to manage the kingdom, but whose destiny was always to watch the world burn. I felt like my career path has ended at this point (all analogies to work in Corpo allowed).

So I have a suggestion of a mechanic that has already been implemented in the game but after some polishing may become an interesting (IMO) rogue endgame factor. Imagine a crime lord managing his underground kingdom, with his main base expanded to a network of bases. This can be a habitable hideout as we know it from the game but hell it can be also a camp similar to this from Viking Conquest. We would be able to expand it similarly to other fiefs with a small exception of bandit troops, slightly modified buildings (slave market, foragers hut, thieves guild, etc.). Other lords may try to destroy it - our goal would be to simply defend it and spread terror out from there. We could send our rogue parties to rob caravans etc. I believe implementing this kind of structure into the game allows some other diplomacy features to be created and makes the end game more interesting. Those are all just loose suggestions but later on:

- We may become a bandit nation,
- We can compete with some other hideouts/petty crime lords/abolish existing mafia
- Work on certain lord's favors against other kingdoms (for a good price of course),
- After reaching some point we can ultimately become a kingpin of Calradia meddling in other kingdoms affairs,

So as I said those are just possibilities that may pop up after establishing a bandit camp as a habitable location on the map. Hope you will find it interesting.
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