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ROCK Campaign Map & Holdings


Understanding the Map Layout

Battle Map : Top
  • The Battle Map will display all lordship armies and their positions on the world map via banner icons placed in the appropriate grid square.
  • Army icons will be a solid colored banner matching the color coding of it's representing lordship.
  • Approximate army size will be designated on the icon.

World Map : Bottom
  • The World Map displays settlement locations with color coding to designate lordship control.
  • Refer to "Lordship Coding and Holdings" for reference.

Campaign Map


Link :

Lordship Coding and Holdings


Update 5 : : Turn 3
Update 6 : : Turn 4
Update 11 : : Turn 11

Map Updated: 4-9-12 for Turn 12

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Settlement Relationships

  • Village settlements are dependant upon a parent castle or city.
  • Conquering a parent settlement provides control of it's subordinate villages.

Rebel Settlements

Curaw - Rebache|H-20

Ismirala Castle – Ismirala|H-17,H-18

Radoghir Castle – Sumbuja|J-19,J-20

Jelbegi Castle – Jelbegi I-11|H-11(potentially H-12)

Chalbek Castle – Buillin D-7|C-6

Loyalist Settlements

Sargoth - Ambean, Fenada, |G-14,I-13,G-15

Wercheg - Odasan, Ruvar|D-15,B-14,C-19

Tihr - Haen, Aldelen, Kulum G-10|H-10|F-5|D-3

Hrus Castle – Rizi|G-8,F-9

Alburq Castle – Jayek|E-18,D-18

Curin Castle – Kwynn|F-13,G-13

Tehlrog Castle – Vayejeg|H-15,I-15

Jeirbe Castle – Fearichen|F-16

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