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Where is the missing features and the end game features? I feel we are missing so many parts of the game that was promised.
I love Bannerlord but there is so much left to be desired and I don't to put that work on the modders.

Where is the complete Game?
Where is the missing features and the end game features? I feel we are missing so many parts of the game that was promised.
I love Bannerlord but there is so much left to be desired and I don't to put that work on the modders.

Where is the complete Game?
Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?
Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?
- Claimant quests.
- A decent messengers system.
- A decent diplomacy system.
- Allow companions to complete conspiracy quests to avoid the player having to deal with these repetitive quests all the time.
- A good civil war system with factions inside a kingdom, which could allow the player to usurp the throne.
- Revisit relationship system with lords for making harder to keep 100 relationship with everyone, and after that add nice features like duels, enemies sending assassins, etc.

To be honest, I have an infinite list about how the game could be improved, but what I would really love to know is if TW has plans to add more features to the game, and which features you are working on.

We really need some kind of roadmap if you are planning to add more features. Something like the statement regarding singleplayer you show us some time ago.
Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?

Fixing, balancing, and completing non functional/partially functional/severely imbalanced features such as
* Voting
* Surrendering
* Minor factions
* Policies
* Lord relations
* Personality Traits
* Armour + weapon balance
* Morale

Missing Warband/Devblog features or some kind of equivalent that fulfills their gameplay role:
Claimants and civil wars (announced, but no ETA)
* Replay system (announced, but no ETA)
* Nobles visiting your court, or something else like a messenger system that makes it easy to contact people when running a kingdom
* Minor faction bases, as seen in the 2016 demo
* Manhunters
* Feasts in peacetime!
* Duels against nobles, surprise combat scenarios in towns (eg: bandit ambushes or belligerent drunks)
* paying to gain levels in a skill more quickly (skill trainers or skill books)
* Fighting your way out after failing to sneak into a town
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Even if they did want to implement a fraction of what has been mentioned in this topic, I wonder how long it would take given the pace they have been going so far with the development (another few years minimum) and how much bare bones the new features would be.

I still like to hope I will be surprised one day, but I feel it's unlikely at best and definitely a very far away day.
Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?
The essential things (which were not outlined in the release plans post) that need to be implemented are (from most to least important);

- Messenger System, could be landline as well
- Clan leaders offering to join your faction on their own
- Better armour protection against ranged damage/ranged damage nerf
- More troop tags for the OOB UI, like pike, shock infantry (2 handed or swinging polearm troops), crossbow tags, ect.
- More & better diplomacy (faction members' decision making process for war/peace, civil wars, clans being kick out & fiefs changing hand within a faction without the player intervention, clan leaders actively starting votes to pass or repeal policies, rebalanced policies, potential alliances & non-aggression pacts with other factions)
- More game start options (starting as a merchant with workshop(s)/caravans(s), starting as a criminal with 50-100 crime rating in X faction/all factions, starting as a mercenary/clan tier 1, as a vassal with 1 fief, as the ruler of a faction)
- Complete the smithing skill tree (still the only skill tree where most perks don't have secondary effects)
- More & better dialogues, especially with companions (they could have a chance to dislike other companions, which would force players to put one in a settlement or lead a caravan/party, they can also give lore info and talk about their hometowns, all towns & villages already lore written in the encyclopaedia)

Things that are not essential but would be extremely nice to have:

- It would be great to be able to play as a soldier in a lord's army like in the Freelancer/Serve as Soldier mods. The large bulk of the mechanic already exists in that we can already join an army as a solo party, commanders ordering formation captains and troop placement exists as well. The new additions would be the player promoting through earning exp, giving them gear based on the troop type they choose to be, the ability to retire from service, and to become a vassal while keeping their gear (you could make the player gain x% of the battle's renown to help them increase their clan level)
- Promoting soldiers to companions like in the Distinguished Service mod where a soldier becomes eligible to become a named character after getting X amount of kills on the battlefield in one battle.
- Feasts. Idgaf about feasts, but people really want the mechanic so just add it already. Creating a feast mechanic should be relatively easy anyways.

Only the diplomacy section in the essential category requires high amounts of effort, so I think implementing each and every one of them is relatively feasible. I have no idea how hard the items (except feasts) in the nice to have category are to implement, I would welcome them, but if by some miracle TW decided to add everything I wrote, they should come secondary to the essentials.
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Dejan noped tf out of this one. The Whack-a-community manager method didn't work guys :/
I have theory. TW is waiting 4-5 years to finish game in earnest because it will be significantly cheaper due to inflation.

They took your money and put it into land development and built a large office building with a loan that will be easily paid while value of turkish currency evaporates.

You are thinking of Taleworlds as a game development studio and not a For Profit business. Consider Armagan a businessman, not a game developer, motivated only by selling more copies and spending less money.

Now you will stop being surprised and things will make much more sense.
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Is it possible that they've run into a brick wall as far as adding/implementing above plans because of console specs? If that is the case then then that means the PC community subsidized an inferior product but still payed premium price
I think it's pretty clear from the map layout that at some point someone was thinking about a boat DLC. Sturgia and Aserai just don't make that much sense without them.
Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?

Keep porting WB features, this is a good first step. Books - Bards / rumor-mongers - watch towers etc still needed.

Add depth once 1.2 is released. Others in this thread have pointed those out. Late game needs work.

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