Rival Gang Quest: Remove security malice, remove 3 day wait OR remove entire quest, replace with good quest

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This is a horrible, buggy, unrewarding quest and I feel it's just too hard for for you to fix it, please consider removing it from the game. Or, at least remove the security malice so I can just ignore it. If you do actually, finally fix it (hint: includes playing it to make sure it doesn't have bugs) at least remove the 3 day wait. 3 days is a very large campaign time to waste on a very unremarkable reward and a monkey's paw relation shift. And in case you're wondering the -security it gives can be a issue for the player so they can't just ignore it.
All year long there has been a constant parade of bugs and crashes related to this quest. Now we have this:
What's next are the thugs and gangleaders going to come to my house and bop me on the head and push me down the stairs?
Please, if you can't really really fix it and make it not horrible, just delete it.
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