Resolved Rival Gang Mission in Rovalt Broken

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They have you wait three days, then talk to the quest-giver to start the attack--only during the attack the enemies never spawn in. All of your companions just walk slowly up to a gate on the other side of the map and stand there, I thought the enemies might be behind the gate, but after being the only one hacking on it for 20 min and doing around 10% damage to it, I decided to just retreat.
Surely not intended.


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, issues regarding the Rival Gang Quest have been fixed with the new patch, e1.0.1. Can you please update me if you have tried it and stilil have the same problem after the patch?


Community Support
Community Support
As the asked information was not provided within 2 weeks, this thread is marked as solved. If the issue still continues, please update this thread.
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