Rittenhouse - Wardens of the Last Dragon [NA]


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From now on, we set the rules. To play aganist us, you need to accept them. We limit cav to max of 9 players at time, same for archers. What it means? You can have only 9 players respawned as cav or 9 players respawned as archers during round. Rules are pretty easy, and to clarify some situations:
-you are not forced to do it because who cares
-when one of your players dies, and in current alive players there are less than 2 cav players in your team, he is allowed to respawn as cav only if he uses inverse, records his gameplay and can do yodelling. You are not allowed to do so if there is 13 cav players alive because that's not christian. Same goes for archers,
-everyone can ride horses, except the enemy team because we are the good guys, we know that. As inf for example, you can use free horse only to escape or reposition, you can't use it to fight from it if you are not in our team
We have been using these rules for past 28 years, and no one was complaining. They work fine and help reduce the impact of the enemy team beating us. Reason why we didn't use them vs RS, is because RS is stronk!