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Is it a bug that the village of ulamut castle's villagers always come to MY PARTY!?

Also, can you just mod the kingdom of the outlaw leader to make him another faction?

Thx :grin:
Sorry if it has been posted already, but whenever I try to start the game, the loading bar goes for a quarter of it and then stops. If I open Task Manager, it gives me an RGL error which I'm unable to read. The log file says this:
[...]  Loading Resource  ani_run_forward_left_right
Loading Resource  uni_strikes3
Loading Resource  ani_walk_sideways
ERROR: Unable to open file: CommonRes\ani_walk_sideways.brf
A few more:
1) did the "train the peasants quest": the trainee and myself occupy the same space at the same time. I can swing, but not hit him, and niether can move.
2) in map mode, the surface of the ground is water everywhere except the khergits lands (the whole Khergit area in the out-of-the-box game).

Are you sure this is a "released Mod" and not a work in progress?

Nice visuals though...

I have a little problem with the double axe weapon, first, it cost 1 denar and when i try to use it it's like a bow, but its throw the arrows on your feets, sorry for BAD english :s
Bug problem: sometimes the game start to give me a lot of levels without do nothing.
This time i was traveling and BANG! i got 10+ levels in a row without fight, nor do any action.
How i can do for correct this?
Extradaemon said:
enter some towns i appear in a random battle map.

Yesi this is a bug... maybe I will fix it in warband releases...

Extradaemon said:
The Map has turned see through and reflective

Caliph said:
Please delete


files in Rise Of khergits II/Textures folder :smile:
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