Rigged Mesh? Help?

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Hello, My name is gaulc21 as you can see. My Team and I are looking for a person to help rig our models. We are doing a starship troopers mod. We have the models made all that just need some rigs. So if anyone has any intrest in helping let me know? PM or add me on steam [TFMI]Colonel_Gaul

All help is appreciated. We have been working hard with just 3 and we would be happy to expand our team.  For all who doubt us on this topic for a mod we have  a lot done. We have automatic weapons,grenades,rockets, etc.. so all help is needed so we can get this released! thanks
You can do practically all  rigging jobs in openbrf to a decent standard. Copy a rig of similar shape (doesn't have to be exact at all) to the clipboard, then select your unrigged mesh and go to edit>paste rigging. For stuff that needs armour joints or rigid parts, separate those pieces using your 3d modelling software of choice and do select>mount to bone for each of them.
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