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Ridged iron broad sword glitch

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Malonus Dren



The ridged iron broad sword has mesh textures from something else pasted on the edge of the sword as you can see, immersion breaking, can't play knowing it's there! lol

Unfortunately i download like 8 mods and applied them all at once, only one that could have affected the sword is the Weapon Parts Workshop mod i believe, i've deleted the game, all mods and reinstalled twice, verified integrity of game files, alll is well, come back to multiple new game starts with this sword mesh glitch occuring.


Does anyone else have this issue?


Mods don't matter. Have the same issue with the same sword on a clean installation, interestingly, it appears regardless of texture setting

Malonus Dren

Ahhh I see, well, good to know it's not just me, still immersion breaking, but can cope with it knowing that it's something that Tale worlds amazing team can fix lol
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