RGL ERROR get_object failed for texture: whatever

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As the title suggests, i have this error when trying to combine kengeki 1.6 into Scaedumar. Specifically, i'm trying to get the face and hair textures of Kengeki into Scaedumar. I have provided the textures and resources, and the skins.txt, and have declared the resources in module.ini.

Any help guys? :cry:




First i patched mount and blade to the latest update , than i downloaded in the name of jerusalem mod and extracted it in modules folder , whenever i want to play INJ mod it gives me an error msg -
Unable to open commonRes materials.brf
Give me some resolution plz
CommonRes is a native folder unrelated to the mod INJ. If the game can’t open materials.brf in a native folder, it is either corrupt or missing. Either way, your base Warband game needs reinstallation.
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