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Antiquity LSP 3D Art RGCoTL's Rome

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Download rgcotl Rome V1.00 pack
this is actually mine first OSP of simply few roman things (mostly not ornamented - exception we could say is eagle and centurion chainmail armor with should be as it is)
detailed list of v1.00 pack version
h_tribune (including V3 plume versions )
h_tribune2(including V3 plume versions )
a_tribune (with ability to change shoulders or combine its)
eagle (for Aquila)
(and some photoshop layered files with should gimp open )
this pack will go together with some tutorials

there's only a few rules to using these models:

1) don't sell them, or use them in other games without my permission.
2) give credit when you use them
3) also you can re-texture it add some ornaments details and so on all permission is garanted for such things






warning:some of textures using alpha channels for transparency so if you edit it don't delete it
also all helmets in this pack is rigged helmets (don't forget to add itp_attach_armature flag in module system)

["a_rome_chain",  "a_rome_chain", [("a_roman_chain",0)], itp_type_body_armor |itp_covers_legs  ,0, 1259 , weight(3)|abundance(100)|head_armor(10)|body_armor(100)|leg_armor(30)|difficulty(7) ,imodbits_armor ],
 ["a_tribune",  "a_tribune", [("a_tribune",0)], itp_type_body_armor |itp_covers_legs  ,0, 1259 , weight(3)|abundance(100)|head_armor(10)|body_armor(100)|leg_armor(30)|difficulty(7) ,imodbits_armor ],
  ["h_tribune", "tribune helmet", [("h_tribune",0)], itp_type_head_armor|itp_attach_armature  ,0, 2780 , weight(2)|abundance(100)|head_armor(50)|body_armor(0)|leg_armor(0) ,imodbits_armor ],


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That is some crazy awesome stuff, yo. Looks like it belongs in a big blockbuster Roman game.  :grin:
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