Reworking the campaign through "Timeskip" to facilitate long playthroughs and improved endgame.

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Dear Developers.

I have played this game for years and have a number of critiques and possible and simple solutions for these problems that help resolve many other issues that i won't cover extensively.

I propose the usage of choosing to skip time on the campaign map as a method to reload the map and rebalance encounters, whilst offering new opportunities to the players through events that couldn't take place through normal gameplay such as pilgrimage etc. this can also be used to feasibly enable the player to create family houses and enable retirement of the player character, and enable the player to play as their chosen heir.

To begin, i will post the positives and the negatives in an overview and will go into detail in each topic.

-The Early game is great.
------------ pros--------------

-The pacing is on a frequent beat. low impact, low risk, low reward.

-player is free to play as a free agent most and has the most choice in this stage.

-player choices revolve around quests and marriage, trading and looting.

-if the player is captured, time is spent watching and not playing, and can be unfun losing everything and then losing real time to be stranded in the middle of nowhere just to be captured again.- as such the player is incentivized to simply reload and retry or to avoid these encounters at all costs.

-much of the game is locked behind money and grinding of skills. - as such the player is incentivized to grind skills and prioritize money collection. as such, the player will need to play unfun aspects of the game in order to reach the point where they are satisfied and happy to continue playing the game.

solutions- using time skip

- if the player had the choice of a job, that gave a set amount of money, and skill experience, but took a requirement of a one year skip(80days)...
then they could forgo much of the grinding for money and skill experience, whilst enabling the map to be rebalanced and speed up the process of growing a family.

the player cannot abuse this as the amount of time a character has is limited by their lifespan.
-if the player could choose to wait for ransom whilst captured by skipping 30 days they would arrive at their home or nearest town without the danger of getting trapped in a capture loop, and immediately return to the gameplay.


-Middle game is good

-the pacing has slowed down, on a semi frequent beat. high impact, high risk, high reward.

-the players actions have great effect on the gamestate.

-player choices revolve around diplomacy(limited) kingdom decisions and army warfare.


-if the player fails to defeat an army, they are captured and as such can be in a capture loop.

-if the player fails to defeat an army or loses a siege, the war is likely lost as the player is the key to tipping the scales and as such the player will be incentivized to reload or exploit the game if pushed into a corner.

-bandit playstyles are far too limited in this stage.

-trader playstyles are at their peak.

-skill grinding not as required, but money requirements go up massively, with few solutions that all boil down to looting and trading.


-timeskip can be used to skip to the end of ransom.

-pilgrimage can be used to leave wars and other things that the player wants to avoid, in order to progress time and skill grinding, and building a family. can also be used to gather influence.

-trader timeskip can be to obtain money at the cost of time.

-- essentially use time as a resource.---


-Endgame is lacking

-the pacing is erratic. if the player makes a mistake in a war then the kingdom may end as all the nobles of your faction call for declarations of war or other things that drain your influence and can be overwhelming to most players. however the player will likely continue to win if they are on a roll, until they are too strong to be stopped.

-player actions have immense impact, however the nobles and other kingdoms will restrict the player into a continuous need to choose actions that give them more choices.

-kingdom management. you get to build your own kingdom.


-kingdom management feels as though everyone is working against you, even your allies and faction members.

-too overwhelming at first. then too easy when you are too powerful.

-no defined goal- except world domination.


-time skips can be used in kingdom management to pass time, and offer the player kingdom events that shape the legacy of your character.

-in the endgame, the game needs to prepare your character and the player to be retired, so that the player can play as a new character in the continued world, or as their own heir. this new heir/character will enable the player to create a character suited to endgame play. as such the player can experience different playstyles without considering the optimal build for endgame from the earlygame.


-the player should be enabled to retire a player character without the character death. this will enable the player to create multiple playstyles that promote diversity and variety of play. retiring a living character can simply have them treated as a member of your family, and to be able to swap between family members, including previously retired characters.

-this can also enable the player to choose to have one last hurrah for the player character as they march to certain doom to give time for their other family members to escape or to weaken the enemy.


-invaders from lands outside of calradia can be used to offer challenges to pre-existing player kingdoms that have already become too strong.
whether the invaders work with rebels or weaker kingdoms with the promise of power, or send humongous armies that devastate all cities they encounter.... they can be used to help the player have a sense of knowing that the campaign is not over, but rather a new stage is just beginning.

-invaders can also offer unique loot and trading weapons/armours that are too powerful in the early and/or middle game.
by locking these behind a 100 year time gap (as a simple estimate, perhaps another measure or method will work such as if a kingdom has a certain power threshold) the game is able to adapt to the powerlevel of the player.


thank you developers for your time in considering my proposal. i love the game you have created and i want to help it succeed by any means necessary.

the timeskip can be used to fix the snowball effect, amongst other problems that require too much working around to be effective.

in my own experience, i played the campaign and in 1 week managed to free my family.
i then wanted to see how many attribute points my sister (14) would receive by the end of her childhood.

i stayed in a city and waited at the "fastest" fast forwarding available and had to wait TWO real life hours for her to reach 18.

i hope that these issues and suggestions will be considered.
thank you again for your time.

regards of,
Vash of House Fen Sjomp.
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