Reworked Economy tied to troop Upgrades

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Is there a way that there could be a screen added to cities for troop upgrades? It seems strange to be wondering around the world and at any moment I can decide to throw some denars at a man with a shirt and pitchfork and poof; now he's a soldier with a shield and sword or a bow. What if you had to get to town in order to upgrade and not only did it cost denars, but the town had to have some degree of the gear needed to outfit the soldier (ie one tier 2 sword and tier 2 armor). This would make the game more immersive, make the cities more economic centers and villages more important to be protected. Without the iron ore from one village, the smithy cant make the swords to outfit new soldiers or wood for bows. You get the picture.
Maybe too hardcore for some, but I do think the economy is still a bit lacking in how it's tied to warfare


more immersive yes but also likely more tedious. not sure i'm a fan of this idea.
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