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Revolution of Royals, Native Enchancement Mod
This mod is for new players, playing first time just as for experienced ones which do want more items, better graphics, more interesting gameplay etc..

-Every Faction has its own unique design now with over 1200 new (highest detailed items, not findable in this quality). Armors incl. flawless female versions (no auto), weapons, horses, etc..., all edited, f.e. all helmets have visible eyes now (even tournier and native ones), replaced low texture items...

-Crouching enabled, with new crossbow reload animations, some npcs do crouch too.

-Character shout orders.

-Overhauled all factions, people, etc. everything higher detailed now.

-Many small improvements like:
No searching for Guildmaster in towns/villages anymore.
People in tavern.
All lady face dublicates are changed (70% of Ladys have different faces now, nicer ones while also fitting better to their families).
You can sell all prisoners at once.
Able to release imprisoned Lords.

Replaced Arena Dagger with new Arena Short Sword (you can block with it).
Prisoner Skill give +10 prisoner per Level now.
Horse Whistle enabled.
More dialog options.
Bandit partys have leaders now.
New blood textures and track icons.
More sounds and music, only HQ.
New skyboxes and shader.
Few new Troops.
-list goes on and on...


Troop trees

Edit: Every single screenshot is outdated, a lot of Items are more detailed or replaced now.

Why another Native Enchancement? there are already a few out there.
Because the other ones i tested are filled with bugs and stuff like huge elephant riders with giant hammers, machinegun-crossbows, new heads with googly eyes (not even fitting to the body color) and many other "improvements" like that.

Of course these huge elephants (just as the camels) have the same hitboxes as horses, so you don't even hit them, your arrows go straight through, and the massive clipping errors mentioned beside.

Nothing of this in Revolution of Royals, every item is properly edited and balanced, only HQ stuff is added.

Coming Soon
This is version: Revolution of Royals beta 0.95
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Schaut sehr gut aus! Good luck!
You worked on shaders or are you using something?
I like your edit of full helms. They are now better tailored and give an idea who is wearing them. I have two questions though.

  • When will you release the modification? I am curious.
  • Have all of your assets been acquired legally from OSP/ LSP/ own sources? They are quite numerous and I am not sure if there are this many available on the Internet with the above-mentioned licenses.
Anyway, good luck with your project. I hope it will come to fruition soon.


I hope next month, but i cannot tell the release date as i have to fix a few bugs before i can even upload a
beta version.

They are all OSP/ LSP or my own creations like the arrows/bolts you see on the screens and i do have a lot more which could be added. Surely there is also a lot more open source stuff to find in the internet, as i have erased many unneeded ones.
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still working, here a small comparison of what i meant with Lady face doubles.
It wouldn't even take more time for the devs to generate random ones when they created the ladies anyway.

here is an unfinished list of changes:

-Removed delay before kick hit is finally detected.
Also, slightly increased fist and kick speed.

-Corrected weapon/shield sizes (or textures).
Some of the weapons in Original Native have incorrect weapon range settings.
So either the size or the texture/obj is changed in RoR to fit accurate to the real object length, no more guessing.

-More reasonable weapon usage.
In Original Native you can swing a heavy bardiche from horse... one handed, but not a simple staff?
No, in fact on horseback you can only thrust with staffes?
In RoR you can swing nearly every weapon from horse...and nearly every long polearm weapon which has a spike on top is couchable.

-Edited and replaced a few face textures with higher detailed ones.
Added more haircuts.

-Polearm starters in tourniers have now a practice short sword too.

-Fair xp for winning tourniers and higher bets.

-Fair xp for knock out kings and enemy troops.

-More money for arena fights.

-Slightly changed hitboxes (for horses too) so armor scrathes are less often counted now.

-Slightly changed faction colors of Rhodoks, Vaegirs and Khergit to more decent ones.

-Raised maximum possible renown value from 50 to 150.

-New world map textures.

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