Revenge of the Berserk - Rebirth (Warband Port)

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Revenge of the Berserk - Rebirth
Warband Port

For anyone skimming these old boards, I was recently passed along the original Module System by someone who was interested in doing a remaster, so to give them a solid foundation I ported RotB to Warband! With their permission, I am sharing the port with you all!

  • Kentaro Miura, Creator of Berserk
  • BerserkersPride, Head Developer
  • killkhergit, Scripting
  • Barf, Art
  • Taleworlds Community
    • Faradon, Axe and Nord Pack
    • Rob_Galanakis, Helmet Pack
    • Silverwolf, Fantasy Weapons Pack
    • Saregona, Horse Pack
    • Wei_Xiadi, Armors
    • OSP Contributors, Many Art Assets and Scripts
  • dstn/Sionfel/SupaNinjaMan, Warband Port
  • Guts, Obtainer of Permissions and Source
This port is an attempt to stay true to the original artistic intent of BerserkersPride, and as such everything has been left as close to the original release as possible.

During porting dstn:
  • Added all expected hardcoded aspects
  • Brought the module system in line with the latest Warband release
  • Fixed all (hopefully) bugs that resulted in slowdowns/soft-locks/crashes.
  • Updated the skeletons to be ragdoll compatible.
  • Removed unreferenced or unused assets.
  • Organized art assets to reflect the proper load order.
  • Updated most materials to use Warband shaders.
  • Corrected dialogs with unresolved dead ends.
I intentionally left in scripts and triggers that are less than compatible with Warband, such as the Forms OSP that looks for and expects Original M&B command keys to be used and isn't compatible with the more modern Warband tactical options. The flavor it adds to combat would be lacking without a complete rewrite, so I felt it important to try to leave it in. Additionally, there is one obvious bug due to the changes in how spawning works where townspeople are aggressive and try to kill you, but that is just hilarious so I left it.

Additionally, I did zero rebalancing. So this mod is just as hard as the day it released in 2009. The difficulty is a reflection of the struggle and dangerousness of the world in Berserk. This isn't a musou or a shonen power fantasy. It is a world where winning is not guaranteed, and is not easy. Guts may be the 100-Man Slayer, but are you?

The darkness of the Berserk world awaits, will you have the courage to enter?

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