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Returning player, questions about Plans for Fief management changes

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Are there any? Right now I get to the point of fief management at late game and at that point have nothing to do so I wait in my city for projects to be done. I’m hoping they add some intrigue quests/events that make it more engaging but not to the point of adding a boring grind.

Also kudos to the development team. You all made a great game during a difficult time!
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There is some "events" with local issues in fief themselves and bound villages. I don't find very interesting though, and more of a chore than anything else.

In my current playthroughs (> 1.7) late game is usually total war. Don't have much time for fief management tbh.
I hope they add more. I kind of like making my fief the most prosperous but there aren’t many ways to actively do that
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