Return of the Dyfed

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In my current game Britain has been reduced to just a few massive blobs of factions. Only 9 remain and worst of all, Britannia has entered a hippy-like era of peace and love. It seems that the super blocks of allied mega blobs have destroyed everyone else, making the Isles seem a bit static.

I have received many messages that the rulers of various destroyed factions have been rumored to be forming a rebellion to make a come back but so far no one has. It has been quite a while (about 2 years in; some of the factions like Rheged were destroyed soon after the start) so I am wondering how long it will take before the land erupts in glorious revolution.

Never mind. The rebellions all sprung up at once and the bloodshed has been magnificent.


It's fun, isn't it?  I was the marshal of the mighty kingdom of Dumnonia.  We lost a lot of land to rebellions, but I crushed them all.  What a great time!


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I had Dal Riata reappear after only 120 days in, it's a bit sad that they are so weak that about all rebellions are quickly ended.
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