Unresolved Retrieving a Lost Serial Key - now that eSellerate is gone?

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I bought my M&B license back in 2005. Unfortunately it seems the website that handled the sales, Esellerate has gone out of business. @Archonsod's stickied post (copied below) is no longer a solution.
source - https://www.literatureandlatte.com/blog/esellerate-checks-out-we-get-on-board-with-paddle

In fact I don't think I ever used Esellerate. I seem to remember when I originally bought the game I received an email from Armagan with the key. This was when it was alpha/beta.

Problem 2: the webmail host I used when I bought the game has completely deleted my account. There doesn't seem any way to get it back.

Would it be possible to get a new key, and how would I go about it? I could provide the email address or other information to verify it was indeed me.

Retrieving a Lost Serial Key
If you lose the email containing your serial key, you can get a duplicate of the email from esellerate.

1. Go to http://store3.esellerate.net/store/support/Default.aspx
2. In the second section, enter your email address in the box above "email order history"
3. Click the "email order history" button
4. A duplicate of your order reciept, complete with serial key, will be sent to your email address

NOTE the email address must be the same address you used to purchase the key. If you have changed or otherwise no longer have access to that email address, then you will need to contact Esellerate directly ([email protected]). They can track your purchase through a number of other methods.

If purchased via Steam or Gamer's Gate, the serial should be visible from the client (right click on the game in Steam and select "view serial", or under "My Games" on GG).


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I had a similar problem luckily I registered the game with my forum avatar and have still access to the email. Via Avatar I could get the key.
Can you provide how you accomplished this? My old M&B has been registered to this account however I am having difficulty obtaining my lost serial and it seems I did not purchase the game on my steam account as it is not registered as purchased in my library.
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