Respect to Tale Worlds The Last Two Years. (About Custom Servers And Release)

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I've got to say, you developers did tell us very early on that custom server files would not come until release of the game. We have pelted you the past two years with demands and request and complaints and even rage and I got to say respect to holding your ground not releasing public servers to us. To that point and I made a post about this a few months ago. I asked about a timeline of when we get custom servers / files into our hands. It just feels like we are so close after all this time and I think being this far into it the wait will have been worth it. Now I am asking and very much hoping for a satisfying answer, is it planned to release custom servers on or before release date of this game in October 25th?

If you can give that answer it could really give I think a lot of us and just the entire community's a new breath of air and get us prepared for this game. The Mount & Blade experience is no short play time experience, this is a game a lot of us have and will dump hundreds and some thousands of hours into and have no regrets. Many of us that have had the game since release already have hundreds of hours or more. Custom servers alone in just native Bannerlord game provides hundreds of more hours with custom maps and events. This game is the best medieval game product out and so so unique with directional combat and large player battles and so much more. Coming from someone who is going to put in more than 2k hours into this game, I am happy to say that when we get 100% access of what your game offers and what can be added on by modders, it will have been worth the wait.

My only other request is that two more battle maps are released before official game release. I do hope that you guys plan to release 8-10 maps or more on release day, but two more battle maps if possible can be released in September it would really provide another breath of air while waiting on full release.

At the end of the day Tale Worlds you have put the work and I would assume countless hours in to make such a one of a kind game. You have something great here. After any frustrations I have had. I still support the long waited release to make sure the game is best as it can be.
Cheers to a hopeful and very strong release in October.
I know it's worth the wait.

Thank you!
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