Respawn as one of your troops

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Is there a mod that lets you do this? Like in battle mode on multiplayer, but in single player, I think it would help IMMENSELY to be able to do this, as then you aren't out of the battle untill all of your troops are, and you won't have  to use that crappy auto resolve, yes I know and use custom commander, but I usually don't like to go through the trouble of training super companions...
I know, I stated this. I just want a nice yes or no answer if it is possible to do what I am asking.
I will elaborate, in multiplayer battle mode, there is a game option, that allows you to respawn as one of your troops when you die.
I was wondering if it was possible to implement this into single player. Then you wouldn't even have to quit the battle when you die, unlike in custom commander.
Install that modlet, and then there will be a source folder. Get the current Warband module system. Combine the source into the various files of the module system, making sure it isn't calling on variables that aren't used in Warband, etc. Test 'er out. It will be made easier if the thread or the somewhere in the source itself lists which files are edited, so you know where to direct your efforts.
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