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hi all

New player here and loving it.

OK so I have started out and have been doing a bit of trading and a lot of bandit fighting.  I have raised a decent little army and taken a castle to create my own faction.  However that has really upset the Nords who owned the castle before me.  Now the keep attacking my village and me.

How do I get them to be nice an peaceful again?  I have offered peace but all i get is something along the lines of "you are a noble with out a king".
By taking a castle you have founded your own faction.
You can appoint a minister and send an envoy to try to make peace, but they likely won't agree until you beat up a lot of their lords and capture a few castles.

Otherwise you can send an emissary to place yourself under the protection of another king by becoming his vassal.
petdog69 said:
And out of the blue the Nords offer peace.  Wonderful.

Since you took a castle and they weren't able to take any "fiefs your kingdom owned", the code told them that they were losing. Losing kingdoms try to offer peace.

This is very common when you rebel. Just hold out until they give you a peace treaty.
Thanks.  The next question is what do I do next?

I took 3 castle, 1 town and a few villages from them.  Do I now just wander about killing rebels/looters or do I go pick a fight with another faction to expand my young empire?
petdog69 said:
Thanks.  The next question is what do I do next?

I took 3 castle, 1 town and a few villages from them.  Do I now just wander about killing rebels/looters or do I go pick a fight with another faction to expand my young empire?
Good job. You have a variety of options now. First though, try building up your garrisons. I recommend around 400-500 for a town and 100-200 for a castle.

Try recruiting vassals for your kingdom, this will strengthen your military. Make sure they are NOT Sadistic or Quarrelsome. Those lords will cause MAJOR problems in your kingdom.

Here are the "What do you think about politics?" responses from lords. You get this option when you talk with lords in private.

"My sword is at the disposal of my rightful liege, so long as he upholds his duty to me." Martial lords say this, they do not like being released if you capture them and I think they like being marshal. They're fine, usually.

"Bah. They're all a bunch of bastards. I try to make sure that the ones who wrong me learn to regret it." Quarrelsome lords say this. Avoid them at all costs. Almost everyone dislikes them and they will not cooperate well at all.

"Men will always try to cheat others of their rightful due. In this faithless world, each must remain vigilant of his own rights." Pitiless lords say this. They typically do not get into arguments normally, but they hate it when you don't give land to them more than any other lords. I would not recommend these people either.

"Well, it's a harsh world, and it is our lot to face harsh choices. Sometimes one must serve a tyrant to keep the peace, but sometimes a bit of rebellion keeps the kings honest. Circumstance is all." Cunning lords say this. They aren't exactly good, but they aren't horribly bad like quarrelsome or sadistic lords. You can probably get by with one.

"My philosophy is simple: it is better to be the wolf than the lamb." Sadistic lords say this. Sadistic lords are just as bad or worse than quarrelsome lords. Avoid them too.

"Well, you should keep faith with your promises, and not do injustice to others. Sometimes it's hard to balance those. Stick with people you trust, I think, and it's hard to go far wrong." Good-natured lords say this. They are decent lords who will almost never get into arguments. They do not mind if you grant land to other lords.* I would definitely recommend them.

"Kingship and lordship have been instituted to keep the peace and prevent the war of all against all, yet that must not blind us to the possibility of injustice." Upstanding lords say this. Just like good-natured people, they do not mind if you give land to others.* They are also very preferable lords. However, just be sure to not retreat since they do not like that.

*this excludes lords they dislike. Avoid this by declining lords into your court if they say "I don't care for your toadies."
First priority I would say is to convince some lords to join your faction. Make sure you have some land to give them, or they'll grow to hate you very quickly. If you can spare any of them, your companions can be raised to the rank of lord when you speak to them. However, it's better if they were noble-born like Alayen or Rolf, because other lords won't like it if you raise a peasant like Borcha to be a lord.

Since it seems you've already weakened the nords, I'd say finish them off and try to be nice to the other factions for now. Don't break a truce though.

After that, I would recommend grabbing some Swadian land before it's all gobbled up.

Also, Try and destroy the Rhodoks as soon as you can. In the late-game their castles become absurdly hard to capture, as they're filled with sergeants and sharpshooters and taking them is very... messy.

Try raising your right to rule. RTR is increased by sending companions on missions for it or by making peace with a kingdom.

good luck.
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