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Does anyone know of a mod besides ResetMainStory which didn't work correctly, that can complete, reset, or remove the main quest, that works in version 1.5.8?

I'm at the Eliminate [Non-imperial factions] stage due to me giving the flag to the Northern Empire prior to joining Battania as a vassal. The problem is every time the Aserai or any other non-imperial faction declares war on Battania, it triggers "OnWarDeclared" and since we are both non-imperial factions, it starts a one week timer and then forces us to make peace.

EDIT: I'm not a coder, but I think something something that would stop "_warsToEnforcePeaceNextWeek" (0x0400014) and/or "OnWarDeclared" (0x060002D9) in StoryMode.dll at StoryMode.Behaviors.ThirdPhaseCampaignBehavior from working would do the trick.
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