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Well if you think some factions witch I haven't included could fit this period
and you have enough references for this you may post it to

if some factions will have very limited number of references those factions may be merged with something

the current factions in progress are Hellenic states (Greece is nearly done)
+ Macedon (is under progress)
+ Samnites (is under the progress )

the next faction we will do probably will be more or less complete researched one.
So if you would want to see some factions here you have at least try to give us many as possible references about it

currently we have opened research topics for those factions

[research] Macedonia

[research] Samnites

[research] Celtic Tribes

[research] Republican Rome

[research] Ptolemaic Egypt

[research] Etruscans

[research] Iberians

[research] Illyrians

[research] Carthage

[research] Odrysian kingdom(thracians)

[research] Epirus

[research] Greek city states

[Research] Lucanians/Bruttians

[research] Ligurians

[research]Anatolia - Seulucids and Lysimachids

Faction Requests
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