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Here's a Pre-Roman map of the Western Mediterranean! I've seen this before but I forgot to post it here, might as well do it now as it could prove to be of some use, or interest some people. I wasn't sure which research thread to put this in exactly since it encompasses not just the Celts but several others. I'll just leave it here since they compose half of the map. :fruity:

Europa Occidentalis, circa 300 BC (?)



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Warrior grave items of Ciumești, Romania - 3rd century BC - Wikimedia Commons
Celtic Museum Manching ( Bavaria ). Exhibition "Rome´s unknown borders"

:arrow: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Warrior_grave_of_Ciume%C8%99ti

The famed bird helmet

Fragments of iron chainmail

Bronze ornamental disc

Clasp of chainmail armor

Pair of bronze greaves

Reconstruction of a chieftain wearing greaves by Maria Lashkevich

More of her artwork....

Spending the Holiday in Vienna :grin:
and I recently visited a few museums,
sorry for the terrible quality of the photos ...

:arrow: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Collections_of_prehistory_of_the_Naturhistorisches_Museum_Wien

Celtic Arms & Armor

Sacrificed horse with bridle and sacrificed human skulls
nailed to trees! sounds similar to Germanic customs?!

Druid crowns and a carved bone antler, possibly
from a wooden statue of the god Cernunnos

:arrow: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Collection_of_Greek_and_Roman_Antiquities_(Kunsthistorisches_Museum)

Collection of Negau helmets



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Senones  :arrow: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senones

Island of Mona, 61 AD

Jose Daniel Cabrers, Chariot at the Battle of Sentinum 295 BC

Celtic Chariot 1st century BC

Florent Vincent, The Army of Caesar in the Gallic war 58-50 year BC

Germanic cavalry and infantryman in the service of Rome

Gallic auxiliary of Caesar's army

Noble warrior from the Nervii tribe 57 BC

German infantryman of the army of Ariovistus 58 BC

Celtic cavalry from the tribe of Trinovantes?, 54 BC



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Les Guerriers Celtes (posted on behalf of Alegria1:cool:
by Laurent Libressart and Franck Mathieu
Jean-Marie Desbois Editeur - 2017


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Found a very nice thing. A celtic "halberd" used by the Insubres, Lepontes and many other celtic tribes of the Alps. It's a peculiar weapon from the Alps. here some pics:

North of Milan, where they found examples of the axes above: