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I am really looking forward to this new Update Coming very soon, but i have a few requests or ideas i Would love to see in the new Update..

1. You be able to upgrade your refuge, to a Ring castle, like Fyrkatborg, Trelleborg found in Denmark :grin: that World be awesome, and you can better protect your refuge :smile:

2. Hire a boatbuilder, then you have to Collect or buy alot of Wood too the builder, so he can Build you a ship or more.

3. If you have prisoners, you Can cut of the head of One and send it to an enemy lord to bring fear on him and he's army :smile:

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yeah that would be cool, also some folk and black metal would be epic,

frisian folk metal chronicle about the second frisian king (about a hundred years before the game takes place)

that one christopher lee song that was posted in the other thread is also pretty awesome.
also, add a bigger variety of horses, some irish ponys and huge frisians would be cool
maybe more settlements on islands, so i can have  my own viking island fort, some more settlements between denmark and friese, like a saxon faction or some more frisian towns, also add utrecht as a capital of friese, seriously, the town is even mentioned in the game, and it still exists. i'm not sure if this is possible, but a part of sweden would also be nice, right now the only two terrain types are mountains and grasslands, some swedish forests would be nice, with forest bandits and stuff, like swadia in native. in the storyline, thiaderds hideout is located in the frisian mountains, but the netherlands barely have hills, really the only mountain in the netherlands is in the carribean (well in the dutch kingdom at least)
While I like Metal, it would be completely out of context for a historical game. So, please don't. :sad:

Also, the devs said that all the features are implemented already and they are only doing bug fixed and testing right now. So I wouldn't expect that any of the listed features will be implemented if the devs haven't decided on putting them in already.
Well it would be nice, and i expect that they will keep the updates coming and stuff like more horses seems like something easily implemented. But you're right about the map
Well in a future update then :smile: i do really hope they will make it possible to build a Ring castle (cirkel castle or what ever its call'd in english :smile: )

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