[Request] Please allow hair tags and beard tags for characters and modders!

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I'm a mod author of a few Bannerlord mods on the Nexus.
One of my greatest annoyances with the way we create troops and characters, is that we basically assign them a range of options between a min and a max.
While this is convenient for randomization for some options such as facial structure, it has been a modder's bane for hair!

This means the new hairs that TW added to the very bottom of the list, that fit with nordic hair? If i want to assign those to troops, I have to give them the possibility of having all of the hairs in between, including the Afros. A work-around that I saw existed but did not yet function was <hair_tags>.

Any hope of getting these implemented? The way I overcame the "order" in which the hairs were structured was by going into the skins.xml and rearranged the order to "make sense" (thematic hairs next to each other, no random hair in the middle, etc). I require this because my mods have "races" such as orcs, etc, that would look really odd with certain hairs. However, the work around I did has the issue of the hair UI icons not matching once they've been moved around.

You can check out what's been done so far.
Fantasy version:
Gunpowder-only version:

Another wish would be to allow lord equipment to be more moddable! That would help us Total Conversion modders quite a bit. I've been wanting to give them powerful spells / unique equipment, but have been unable to do so due to the way Lords are assigned equipment.

Anyways, love you TW.
While I don't care for lords, I'm totally with you for the hair and the beards. It's similar for face paintings. I would not call me a modder but I made me my own Battanian troop tree and faction fashion style, "long hair, no beards, no pants", to get at least some diversity into the game, and it's not possible to give a meaningful hair variety to the troops.
Yeah, I know some people won't care for the lords, but it's honestly almost a 100% requirement for any mod wanting to create a *new* world.

Yeah, the only option is to use my work-around withe a custom skins.xml, but it's a huge hassle as well. Moving the hairs around means all of the vanilla body properties get move around and messed up too. It's really only worth it if you're doing a total conversion mod, where you will adjust every single troop or character anyways.
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