Suggestion General REQUEST, Official Coding Tutoiral on basics: Adding a Hotkey, Adding Custom Options to Options Menu

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Hey guys,

Would love to see official documentation on how to:

1) Add and register a Hotkey To HotKeyBase, using proper HotKeyCategory, calling with OnPressed, OnReleased

2) Adding options to options screen, extending "ManagedOptions" under "Gameplay" Tab

Adding "Dropdown Box" option
Adding "Check Box" option
Adding "Slider Bar" option,

setting it to an Enum / Variable and calling it,

Thanks for reading,
please consider
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Hey @Welcome_To_Hell please note that the following change was added with e1.6.1 that is related to your request:
  • Improved moddability of the keybinds. Modders can now introduce auxiliary key categories.
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