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Hello. Can I ask if after the release of 1.6 it will be possible to keep a request to consider implementing one of some of my proposals? My requests for change would be these: 1) Change and implementation of the whole map in more detail as in Anno Domini 1257 or Rome at war 2.5. 2) Change of the historical period of the beginning of the game, it would be interesting a historical period between the end of the Punic wars and the beginning of the period between Caesar and Pompey. 3) Revisiting the troop tree by implementing new realistic units in the historical period such as Hastati type, Principi, Triari etc. 4) Revisiting and complete change of cities, camps, villages. 5) Change of the Roman faction revisited in the historical period; 3 July, Bruty, Scipii + 1 Senate Rome. Thank you.

Thank you.
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