Request: Disorganized movement speed debuff after aborting raid

Do you think there should be a movement speed debuff after aboring a raid?

  • Yes, add a similar debuff to disorganized parties aborting raids!

  • No, and here is why! (please argue point)

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We need to have a similar mechanic as the disorganized debuff to parties/armies movement speed applied after aborting a raid. (quick reminder: the disorganized debuff is applied to the besieger after breaking a siege to retreat. This allows in most cases an army of 1000 to punish an army of 800 for overextending on the campaign map. It is also applied to armies after victories in open battle to reduce the cat and mouse effect) I believe this should be adapted to raiding.

Many of us I'm sure know what it's like to travel to intercept a village being plundered only to discover it is a party of one hundred or less. They flee and continue the raid after there is no hope of catching them because they have a very small amount more movement speed than us. Infuriating, is it not?

Spiritic Disposition: Raiding is supposed to be a risk-reward stratagem to draw out the enemy or be forced to take damage to prosperity and denied ready access to troops; however, there is very little risk currently involved. Ok, we can continue now.

Let's look at another scenario. This time the player is raiding. If the player can abort with impunity there is inherently no way to be punished unless a smaller faster party (ie usually mercs) forcing the player into combat with their allies; if that never happens the player can kite away and raid continuously.

However, mercenaries are incentivized to fight on the smaller faction; this results in a disproportionate amount of raiding. Sometimes 50 raids to 1 in favour of the smaller faction. (I understand the smaller faction has more surface area to raid but 50:1 is just silly) there needs to be a better way for the player and ai lords/ladies to counter pesky opportunists besides hiring mercenaries, having hundreds of horses, or abandoning men.

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I understand that campaign lord AI would also need to weigh they may not be able to easily get away once they start raiding, the issue is not fixed with this simple debuff alone.

Only confident, maniacal, or martial lords with elite troops should be willing to venture into enemy territory alone. Leave the good natured and cautious lords to flock or form war parties. The raid spam consisting of squeamish troops can become burdensome in great repetition, and should be addressed when the time comes.

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turns out this is implemented already I think it was just broken for 1.5.7
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