[Request] Could we please raise the maximum unit cap (from 1000) for singleplayer?

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For people with higher-end PCs with 10+ cores they can really benefit from larger battlesizes to increase the epicness and immersion of battles. Currently the 1000 cap is an iffy intermediate between Total War and traditional RPG games.

Right now the maximum supported size is 2000 for sieges (no horse) or 1024 for land. If it is as simple as raising the max cap, then I wouldn't see why not considering people with average to lower-end PCs can play on the settings that match their specs. If the higher sizes cannot be introduced to the vanilla game, could we at least ask the devs to make it moddable?

I would love to have a 2k vs 2k field battle. My ultimate dream

Thanks and god bless


If the game can handle it just most PCs cannot it feels like it would be a great option to have in there so we could experiment with it as like you I like the idea of larger seamless battles if my machine could take it.
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