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On todays episode of "I got racist and am not enjoying consequences," we have this gem:

Join us tomorrow, when this clown will appeal to "freedom of speech." Will he understand that getting punished for racism (by a private actor) is different from state censorship? Probably not. In any case, tune in to see what pathetic argument he makes next.

You're watching "I got racist and am not enjoying the consequences." The best show about idiots revealing that they're racist, and that they lazily borrow their arguments from Ben Shapiro!
Ah the start of something beautiful. Thanks for that. Had a good laugh 🤣🤣


my spirit isnt broken btw i just made a account to get me unmuted and hopefully get my friend Parking who really isnt my friend but just a cool dude i met in the game unbanned. also ill sometimes give some good ideas for the future of the game if i have any. i have a few.

Canton what is your political views? you dont have to say but why are you attacking me so much take a chill pill and get a life.
Parking is probably the worst person I've met in Bannerlord, he barely plays the game he just used to throw racist tantrums 24/7 and screamed political content whenever he could. Lmao you guys hate when feminists make games political but spamming "vote trumps kick n word" isnt political? Please stfu I hope Parking gets banned for life and gets forced to face life, probably grow up and become an actual adult if he is one
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