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Hey TW I was muted and I want to be unmuted. I also want a dude called Parking unbaned if he was banned. The only real reason Bannerlord multiplayer is fun cause of the chat and nothing else really. if you add clans that will be mildly better for multiplayer but still. Basically im for getting rid of the reporting system because it just causes a group of people who doesnt like what someone said to all report that one person. So when you get a lot of reports you are obviously going to comply with the mob. also chat is part of the game that i payed for so. Also if people get offended they must deal with their feelings and nobody should be punished. the mute feature is basically the reporting feature the problem is already solved.

And i probably said some bad things and well thats how i feel and thats what i believe in so muting me is only going to prove my believes are right or then it will only bring more people to the way i think. Also who ever is for reporting features why dont you block them? problem solved you feel better and everyone feels great, everyone can enjoy the game. and if this continues TW you will have a lifeless game kinda like all other triple A games.
On todays episode of "I got racist and am not enjoying consequences," we have this gem:

Also if people get offended they must deal with their feelings and nobody should be punished. the mute feature is basically the reporting feature the problem is already solved.

Join us tomorrow, when this clown will appeal to "freedom of speech." Will he understand that getting punished for racism (by a private actor) is different from state censorship? Probably not. In any case, tune in to see what pathetic argument he makes next.

You're watching "I got racist and am not enjoying the consequences." The best show about idiots revealing that they're racist, and that they lazily borrow their arguments from Ben Shapiro!
Canton bruh cringe. clown lol bro just stop. Racism is not an argument.

Also ben shapiro is cringe

Canton I live and are surrounded by racists and they are not white. not gonna say what color they are but I live down in LA so that will tell you but even if they feel those views I dont care it doesnt effect me they can be whatever they want to be. lol probably gonna get muted off the forum to well liberals what can you do about them.
Canton bruh cringe. clown lol bro just stop. Racism is not an argument.

In an unexpected turn of events, we have a reference to Stefan Molyneux. For those of you in the audience who didn't know, Stefan Molyneux still believes in phrenology. That's right, folks, he subscribes to a science disproven centuries ago. Talk about a primitive mind!

We also have liberal use of the word "cringe." Not really racist, but pretty unimaginative. Calling Ben Shapiro cringe is interesting, though. Does it have something to do with an antipathy towards Jewish people? The answer is probably, again.
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Canton bruh the levels of cringe and white knightism is rising in you here to save the day by defeating me in an argument.

Also dudes i just want to get unmuted rather than having an argument trying to prove someone is a racist. Also get Parking back he was a cool dude and its not right for banning people cause of conservative views in a video game.
And now we have the term "white knight." Pretty boring, again. I guess you can't expect a racist buffoon to be interesting. Who I am white knighting for is unclear; I gain nothing but entertainment from mocking this dullard. I suppose it's just shorthand for something like "white guilt libtard cuck."

We've also got some euphemistic use of "conservative views" here. I doubt anybody banned him for supporting austerity; therefore, it was probably something racist. Our friend's hesitance to speak says volumes itself.
Canton bruh just bruh can someone else like a dev come and communicate with me. this game is pretty good except the fact of liberals reporting people for having "crazy" views or whatever. also people on the chat are just trolling its all fun in games in a video game.
Now he admits it was "trolling," and not just stating some conservative idea. This racist is slippery but he is getting closer to the truth. Will he finally reveal that him and his friend were just hurling racist abuse? Probably not, but it's funny nonetheless. I'm sure everyone would love to know what the "crazy" view was. His caginess makes it obvious that he was being racist and unfunny, but exactly what remains to be seen...
bruh conservatives come on and troll people because its funny bruhhhhhhhhhhh. its not hard to rap around the head. Also we only bring it up because it seems like we get targeted for having again these "crazy" views.

Also yes doing racist slurs is trolling people who are sensitive on the internet bruhhhhhhhhhhh.

literally everyone who uses the chat used a racist slur all the time lol i can jump in a game and find someone who used racist words before. to me
Yet the question remains: troll people how? Our racist continues to dance around the question. See if he'll ever stop on the next episode of "I got racist and am not enjoying consequences."

As an aside, I apologize to our conservative viewers. It must be awful having your political identity associated with some idiot screaming the n word.

EDIT: There we go, folks! He admitted it! Our racist went on the server, got racist, and isn't enjoying the consequences. As it turns out, he wasn't banned for being a conservative; this isn't a free speech issue. We're just looking at a sh!thead getting banned for being nasty!

On our next instalment of "I got racist and am not enjoying consequences," we'll watch a white teenager compare himself to Rosa Parks. How, you may ask? He got racist in an Applebees then refused the staff's request to leave,
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canton bro im not gonna watch that vid lol also people have a right to yell the n word deal with it. you cant censor peoples brains and how they think of certain people. it might make people even more racists. omg its like arguing with a... not gonna say

Also if a dev out there is cool can i get unmuted its kinda lame also can you unban or unmute Parking he was a cool dude who really wasnt racist he was trolling like me.
Even now, our lazy friend is ripping the most sophomoric arguments he can find straight from Youtube. Talk about the banality of evil!
And the racist resigns! His spirit has been broken. So much for thick skinned conservatives! Am I right, folks?

It looks like that's it for today's episode of "I got racist and am not enjoying consequences." We'll see you next time. Until then, we'll leave you with this: behind every "epic conservative troll," there's a very boring racist.
my spirit isnt broken btw i just made a account to get me unmuted and hopefully get my friend Parking who really isnt my friend but just a cool dude i met in the game unbanned. also ill sometimes give some good ideas for the future of the game if i have any. i have a few.

Canton what is your political views? you dont have to say but why are you attacking me so much take a chill pill and get a life.
lol thats a good one but it isnt. nice try

this is such a fun conversation Canton lets have some more next time. but seriously devs anyone out there who can get me unmuted that will be great also Parking unbanned i will have the most respect for TW. but if they dont ill hate them forever those are the rules lol
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