Report V1.0.14833 bug(newest version)

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Uncle Khai

my style play tournament a lot and I found out the difference of new verson:
1. Suggestion tournament nearest not disappearing when change town! It stand there longer and farther than to be call “nearest”
2. Repeat reward( I got 10 cape repeat straight in line tournament)
3. Bug mission lady knight( take mission on the morning, when travel at night suddenly fail mission without reason)
4. Delay animation, when you join tournament in first 5 sec you don’t see anyone, after that they appear( I lose one tournament because I can’t see AI, death by invisible strike lance)
5. When AI horse death! They will try mount on new horse but they can’t run anymore ( only walking, look like stats “riding” force them can’t run)
6. Lock target! When a AI aim player it will try kill player no matter what happen around it ( I stand at the side of arena and they keep shoot arrow or throw javelin to me even though near them few step have another AI, they only react after take few hit or run out ammo force to melee)
7. “Alt” not work any more at new version! Complete broken hard to find arrow or javelin direct right location on ground (old ver e1.8 normally)
8. Glave khuzait too op! No matter how much amor you have always end up in one hit on horse

That all! Hope we have new hot fix soon, by the way many mini table game in keep super less light, it hurt my eyes a lot, hope you add more light to table.
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