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Resolved Repeating crash after editing .sav file

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I might be an idiot for trying to edit a .sav file in notepad, just to get some extra starting money, but it seemed like a good idea. So I created a character, played for a couple of hours. Wanted more money, thought I could edit the .sav file, found it on my pc, opened it, changed the value of my lords money (after searching for the correct value that I had), and saved. Now every time I open the Game saves screen in the game, it doesn't load the screen, instead it crashes to desktop. Now it's impossible to load any save file, I can still start a new campaign though. Although I won't be able to "save as" or load after quiting the game again.

I already tried fixing the changed value back, but to no avail. Removing the .sav files in question in the file explorer (character save & auto save) didn't work either as the game recreates them at launch. Through Steam I verified the integrity of the game files, but that also didn't help. Running the game in Safe mode or in normal mode doesn't make a difference either. I have tried reinstalling the game and that didn't fix it either.

How to Reproduce:
1. Create/load character, Save file as <Filename>. (Remember the amount of money the character has)
2. Close the game.
3. Open File Explorer, Find <Filename>.sav in ...\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves\Native
4. Open <Filename>.sav in Notepad, Find money value in file, Replace with any number, Save file
5. Launch Game, Go to "Saved Games" or, Create new Character, "Save as" or "Load" from in-game menu
6. Crash

Version: e1.4.0.229571

If the crash report popup thing works, I filled it in and can be tracked by 2020-05-19_09:05:04_7bb3ededb1d2d859b422926206f0ebaa

So warning for everyone, don't be an idiot and try to edit your save files by hand, cause I think it will crash every time after that. (I can't really reproduce cause I can't check for differences anyway)
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