Renown should be completely removed or reduced to the lowest minimum for infiltrating probability formula!

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Howdy, everyone!

Not so long ago we were given the ability to rescue some nobles from the prison. RIght now there is no lord mission to rescue someone, so there's no point of saving them when you're neutral (if you're not grinding the Roguery exp, ofc). But rescuing your fellow-lords when you're part of the faction makes sense, since of the reasons for any faction to surrender is having imprisoned too many allied lords.


When you're a high-leveled well-known lord, there's absolutely NO chance to successfully infiltrate an enemy town because of renown. Right now, I'm level 31, got 180 roguery, but it doesn't affect anything at all. I have 20% (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) probability to sneak into town. So now, in the late game I don't have any other option to sneak into town than a save scumming. And so, this gameplay element is mostly removed from the late game.

So, my suggestions are:


1) Remove renown completely from the sneak probability formula, so it won't ruin the whole thing in the late game.
2) Add roguery level into formula to compensate renown somehow. But right now it is quite difficult and boring to level up the Roguery, so, making those bandit quests level up your Roguery could do the trick.
3) Add an ability to escape after being recognized by the guards, as it was in Warband. Simple yet effective.


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Yeah, prison breaks are only for screwing around since you must be neutral. Even gaining roguery is a dubious since you have to pay and all roguery does is give you slightly more cash from loot. Also, we should be able to bust everyone out, not just 1! Warband let you bust everyone out! And you can't bust out enemies, WHY? Warband let you bust out enemies and take them prisoner! And the cool down is way too long! I don't know why TW makes such long cool downs for things but not for bot parties getting on thier feet and back to hostile activities.

Anyways I agree they should remove the renown consideration. They should also just add a perk, say at 25 or 50 roguery to just bribe the prison guard from the outside of town, or to get into the town or whatever. You should be able to 100% get yourself into the town at some point that isn't unrealistic to obtain if that what you want to spend an FP to gain the ability.

I think every part of the game needs to be interesting and useful to the player. There is no excuse for "oh people wanted X, so we made a boring and un-useful X ".


Actually, right now the whole Roguery skill tree looks uninteresting... It all focused on the fact that you take bandits into your party and nothing else. It doesn't open any new ways to interact with the world or any good bonuses - you cannot bribe any official in town to do something, it won't give you the sneak bonus, it won't let you escape from the prison faster, you can't take alleys, you can't intimidate the traders to pay you... I was and I am a bit disappointed with the Roguery rework in general.

But renown completely destroys the ability to sneak into town kills one of the few aspects you can do except for endless battles.


I agree, renown should be removed from consideration and a way to bribe the guard or fight them when they catch you is also a must in my opinion. I don't know why that isn't the default since Warband had it... it is like different people are making this game 😫
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