Renown bug still not fixed

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I'm still not getting renown from battles. Latest version 1.13 loaded.
This has been since, what, January? I don't even bother reporting bugs anymore, it does nothing.
It's pretty much a game breaking bug. I've just been adding renown with console, but shouldn't have to.
Yeah, I guess this is the problem:

But, since it's such a necessity, and they don't update this mod regularly at all, I guess I'll just deal with it. What a PITA.

And, on the other hand, taleworlds updates too frequently. Breaking mods that don't update every other day just because taleworlds decided to release a groundbreaking update where aserai vet. infantry now has a 47 dmg. axe instead of 46 dmg. axe.
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Change your tittle to "RENOWN BUG STILL NOT FIXED FOR MY MOD" pls, you really got me there with being a valilla problem, but how do you even dare to post bug posts when you use mods???????????????????????????
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