Removing the single player menu

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Im making a multiplayer-only mod, and i want to know how i can remove the "single player" button, and maybe some of the code to make it load faster, etc. Thanks!
Find the main menu hashtag in game_variables.txt to set whatever initial_[button name]_button_size_[x/y], initial_[button name]_button_text_size_[x/y] and initial_[button name]_button_position_[x/y] you want to an extremely small value like 0.001.
I always preferred to set X coordinate to something like 2.0, so the button would be completely off-screen. If you only change size, the button is still on screen, and theoretically player can still click on it (assuming he'll be lucky enough to hit the exact pixel :smile:).
And to be absolutely certain, replace the "start_game_0" menu. :smile:

    ("start_game_0", menu_text_color(0xFF000000)|mnf_disable_all_keys, "Singleplayer mode is unavailable!", "none",
        [("go_back", [], "Return to main menu", [(change_screen_quit),] ),]
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